LED High Mast lamp: Buyer’s Guide


LED High Mast lamp solutions, also known as HML’s, are […]

LED High Mast lamp solutions, also known as HML’s, are typically used in large public or commercial areas such as warehouses, shipyards, emplacements, highways, car parks, stadiums, etc. These are a type of outdoor lighting fixtures that are installed at significantly higher altitudes to illuminate huge spaces.

According to the best LED lighting manufacturers, the use of HML’s is one of the most preferred ways to illuminate large areas, as they are able to achieve a high ratio between space and height. They are mounted at considerable heights, usually on large poles (12 to 30 meters) to evenly illuminate large surfaces.

In addition, they are controlled with a motorized mechanism, which makes their installation and maintenance process easier. Here are some key points to consider before buying High Mast Lighting fixtures:

Energy Costs
Large commercial spaces need a higher light output to evenly illuminate the space. Because the light output is directly proportional to the wattage (W), large areas need lamps with a higher wattage. Outdoor solutions with high mast lighting used conventionally high wattage high-intensity discharge lamps (HID) or halogens that added figures to the electricity bill. However, the introduction of LEDs has brought about a new change and solved this problem efficiently. Although the initial cost of installing HID’s or halogens is relatively low, LEDs appear to be more expensive and energy-efficient in the long term, according to leading commercial lighting manufacturers.

Lighting solutions for high masts consist of two different components, namely the pole and the light panels that need to be regularly maintained and maintained. Since ease of maintenance and cost are important aspects of outdoor lighting solutions, it is important to make a decision, taking into account all parameters. Caya Lighting’s high masts are integrated with motorized controls that easily lower the luminaires down for maintenance. In addition, installing LEDs can also reduce maintenance costs because they have a longer life span.