How to distinguish LED street lights quality


Since the price of LED street lamps on the market is un […]

Since the price of LED street lamps on the market is uneven, the price of LED street lamps with the same power is also quite different, and behind the big price difference is the uneven quality of the lamps, but how to distinguish the quality of LED street lamps

1. Drive power
The selection of the drive power supply, the power supply of the same specification, due to the different selection of accessories, the price difference is too large, and the service life will also vary greatly. Low-priced power supplies generally begin to be damaged in a large area after two years, but high-quality power supplies generally have a warranty of more than 5 years and a service life of more than 7, 8 years. The maintenance cost is greatly reduced.

2. led chip
Its light-emitting chips are inferior products, which is reflected in the luminous efficiency. The luminous efficiency of a single chip is 90LM/W, and the efficiency of the whole lamp is even lower, generally below 80LM/W. Now the large-brand light-emitting chip is at least 140LM/ Above W, it’s incomparable. Some people say that it’s not as efficient as it can be bright. They don’t know that it’s a large amount of heat generation. As time goes by, the light decay will expand rapidly. NS.

3. radiator
The design and materials of the radiator are also very important. The heat dissipation design of a good lamp is scientific and reasonable, and the heat dissipation is fast. The temperature rise of long-term lighting does not change much. It is not hot to the touch, but the cost is reduced. It will be hot to your hands, it will also affect the normal power of the lamps, and will accelerate the light decay of the lamps.
What kind of radiator is the best heat sink for die-casting aluminum led street light radiator
Radiators in led street lights are also indispensable. At present, there are more aluminum radiators on the market, mainly die-cast aluminum (such as integrated high-power LED floodlights), and aluminum radiators (used more as modules) Type lamp body, flat profile led street lamp, etc.), fin aluminum radiator (fin aluminum is to splice aluminum plates one by one on an aluminum plate, and then heat conduction to the fins through the aluminum plate to spread the temperature), etc. The mainstream LED lamp radiator, then which one is better for LED street lamps? According to the solution, the better LED street lamp is the modular lamp body. The single module of the die-cast aluminum LED street lamp is the aluminum profile radiator. First, the aluminum raw material of the aluminum profile is made of high-purity aluminum with less impurities and quicker heat conduction. Second, the radiator Reasonable shape design is conducive to air convection, which greatly and particularly high heat dissipation capacity.