How to choose the installation position of solar street lights and the installation angle of solar panels


As an inexhaustible new energy source, solar energy is […]

As an inexhaustible new energy source, solar energy is becoming more and more popular. As a new environmentally friendly energy source, it promotes the development of low-carbon life. With the continuous improvement of the conversion efficiency between solar energy and batteries, the use of solar energy to generate electricity has become a reality. It has been applied in all walks of life, especially in the field of lighting. Solar street lights have begun to be widely used in our country.

The installation position of solar street lights is very important. It relates to the service life of solar street lights. Many buyers think that the installation location of solar street lights is easy to choose, and can be installed in any location according to their wishes. In fact, the installation location of solar street lights is a very important part of the initial installation. Today, Thousand Degrees Lighting will tell you how to choose the correct installation position and angle of solar street lights?

Solar street lights rely on solar light sources as the light source, so they must be installed in a sunny place and ensure that the surface of the solar panels is not shielded all day long, that is, there can be no tall buildings or dense trees around; above the solar panels There can be no direct light source, because the solar street lamp is switched on and off according to the light control. Once the direct light source appears above the solar panel, the light control system will have a system identification error, which will cause an incorrect indication. As our country belongs to the northern hemisphere, solar panels are generally installed and will face the south, which is more conducive to solar panels to absorb solar energy.

In order to ensure the long-term stable working condition of the solar street light, it is necessary to ensure that the structure of the base of the solar street light pole must have sufficient strength, and the embedded parts should be reliable and suitable for the lamp holder. Thunderstorms are frequent in summer. When installing solar street lights, lightning protection measures should be taken to ensure that the street light poles and other electrical equipment are connected to the protective grounding and lightning protection facilities.

Solar street lights have become the most ideal road lighting. With the continuous progress of society, solar street lights will be used in more and more areas, so that inexhaustible solar energy can also benefit mankind.

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