Four precautions for the foundation embedding of high pole lights


Four precautions for the foundation embedding of high p […]

Four precautions for the foundation embedding of high pole lights

As an important part of urban road lighting, high pole lights are beautiful and practical, and have been widely used in road lighting. The safety performance of the high pole lamp mainly depends on its foundation embedded, which is very important

1. The soil quality of the installation location

The height of the high pole lamp is directly related to the weight, and the soil condition of its foundation and its installation location plays an important role. When designing and making high pole lights, these aspects must be taken into consideration.

2. Made of stainless steel

All fasteners except bolts must be made of stainless steel, which is used for a long time and is easy to handle. In addition, when tightening various nuts, washers or spring washers must be added. The distance between the tightened screw and the nut shall not be less than two pitches.

3.set up lightning rods

Set the lightning rod at the top of the high pole lamp, and the lightning rod should be set independently. The length of the needle is generally half a meter. It must be noted that the tip of the lightning rod cannot be sprayed with plastic, and the grounding body must be set around the base of the lamp. There are specific requirements for length and so on, so when making and installing, be sure to carry out construction in accordance with relevant requirements. The grounding body must have light poles, light boards, and distribution boxes for reliable connections, and ultimately form a reliable conductive path.

4.reserve the position of the threading pipe

In the base of the high-pole lamp, there should be reserved cable threading pipes for the revenue and expenditure cables. These threading pipes generally use hot-dip galvanized steel pipes. At the same time, the reinforcement and strength of the base must be marked, so as to provide for the future construction of high-pole lights. Basic and convenient.